Thanks to you, we reached our funding goal! A big shout out to the friends, family, organizations, and believers that supported our Kickstarter campaign! To the 201 folks who contributed funding, the 682 of you who facebook shared the page, the hundreds of tweeters who tweeted it up, our friends at and all the other folks who helped to spread the word - we could not have done this without you! Much like everything we've done at KIDmob, this work would truly not be possible without a solid foundation of encouragement, love, and belief in what is possible from our network - you guys are the best. 

After a long flight and saddle bagged with lots of supplies, Kate, Patima, and Tyler landed in Haiti yesterday. True to KIDmob form, the team hit the ground running - the 2014 Youth Design Summit, bridging creativity internationally, is now officially underway! Three groups of kids from different backgrounds, cultures, and geographies are now getting ready to meet one another for the first time, break the ice, and dive into some intensive creative problem solving. Using the design process as a common language, these kids are going to be tackling community opportunities local to each group. What will they come up with? Stay posted for updates live from the workshop in Port-au-Prince, launching on April 10th!