Plans for April's Youth Design Summit are officially underway! We've completed workshops with all of the students invited to attend. Through building familiarity with KIDmob's process, we have worked hard to establish a common language around design. Our hopes are that this common language will provide a unified framework within which students can effectively work together across varying cultures, languages, and backgrounds. Students from Indian Valley Academy (IVA), The Union School Haiti, and Rebuild Globally's Youth Apprenticeship program will converge for a week-long intensive workshop. During this week, they will all be working together with a shared goal: to design solutions to address an issue local to each community.

As part of an effort to build student relationships prior to the Youth Summit, we've conducted an international artifact exchange. The students' next task will be to create a narrative around the artifacts they have received: Why are they important? Who owned them? We'll continue to build these connections as we lay the groundwork leading up to April. All students are on board and excited - the pieces are falling into place! 

Next big step: KIDmob is launching a crowd funding campaign to make this trip happen. Your contribution will cover the workshop costs, so that we may invite all of the students to attend for free. This is one crucial way for us to set a stage where everyone will have an equal voice. Every donation counts - please consider helping out!

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