If there is one thing everyone at The Union School Haiti can agree on, it’s that their cafeteria system isn’t working. After 10 Union high school students interviewed peers, faculty, and staff, they found that there is not enough room for everyone in the cafeteria. There is a seating shortage due to backpacks being left on tables and benches, trays are scattered everywhere, and people become pushy in line because the wait is so long. 

First, the high school students noticed that the small lockers in the corner of the cafeteria are rarely used. After a brainstorming session, they suggested removing the unused lockers and replacing them with a cubby and hook system. Due to material constraints, the students used old textbooks and wood to frame out the cubbies.

Then, the students suggested another register be added. This would allow the congested line to split in two, thus, improving the flow and reducing pushiness. The students brainstormed about an organizational system for the discarded trays, plates, and silverware. They thought, why not mount units on the tops of the trash cans to hold and organize these items? Then students can clean up efficiently after themselves. 

We hope these changes will improve lunch for everyone in the school community! And we look forward to working with this group of students again at the Youth Summit in April!