It has taken months, multiple visits to Haiti, and hard work, but KIDmob is very excited to announce that our first international workshop is this Saturday! We will be working with the students of Rebuild Globally's Apprenticeship Program. Rebuild makes eco-friendly sandals out of discarded tires. The opportunity: the sandals use most of the tire, but Rebuild has not figured out what to do with the remaining tire waste. This Saturday KIDmob will have a one-day design blitz to explore creative uses for the tire waste; perhaps for product display units or on-site seating. We are excited to see what the Rebuild apprentices come up with!

Next week we will head ten clicks down the road from Rebuild Globally to The Union School for a 3-day workshop with their students. The Union School is a pre-K to 12 educational institution with students from around the globe. We can’t wait to meet the kids! We are still narrowing the focus of the project for the 3-day workshop, but are very optimistic about working with the students.

In April, KIDmob will conduct the opus of our work here in Haiti: a 10-day design challenge called the Youth Summit! We plan to bring a crew of eight students from Indian Valley Academy (IVA) in Greenville, CA to Haiti with us. Each community group - Rebuild Globally, IVA, and The Union School - will present a need that they would like to design solutions for at the Youth Summit. Each team will choose a design challenge, and then they will have one week to execute the creative thinking process that KIDmob has empowered them with and propose or implement solutions. ‘The guys’ at iLab//Haiti will be our facilitators, along with US designers, and the KIDmob team. We can’t wait to see how all of our mobbing, teaching, ideating, and designing will come together at the Youth Summit.

But for now, KIDmob is really excited about mobbing Rebuild Globally this weekend, and we will keep you posted…