Youth Design Summit

Bridging creativity internationally. Three disparate student groups come together to solve challenges that are local to each group, with a global lens.

This is our capstone offering for students who have been through at least one of our workshops. Cultural exchange is great - we take it to the next level of empathy-building and human understanding by having students collaborate on real world challenges that are meaningful to them and their communities. Leveling the playing field between groups is paramount for fostering respect, openness, and trust between communities.  

Intended for: Past workshop participants, high school students

Number of Participants: 30 total, 10 per community

Number of Hours: 30 - 40 in 5 consecutive days

Service Area: International

Tangible outcomes:

    Full facilitation by design professionals at a max 5:1 ratio

Custom curriculum

    Students develop design proposals for real community solutions

Workshop summary

Promotion on KIDmob’s social media

Cultural exchange and international experience

Exposure to global challenges, context, and complexity

Three diverse communities. Twenty-four empathetic students. One shared goal: to change their world.

Price range: Per project

Youth Design Summit ©2014

Youth Design Summit ©2014

Worldwide, creative intelligence and adaptability are stifled by outdated educational models. The Youth Design Summit will build 21st century skills along with cross-cultural empathy and understanding. We are:

  • Creating Global citizens: The Youth Design Summit will bring together 3 disparate student groups, many of whom have had minimal exposure to what exists "beyond the mountains." 

  • Developing creative changemakers: The students will build on their experience in past KIDmob workshops to critically observe, reimagine, and reinvent their world. 

  • Building 21st Century leaders: These students are not only creating direct solutions: they are developing the interpersonal, creative, and leadership skills needed for future success. 

  • Designing relevant local solutions: Each student group will present a local community challenge or opportunity to the other two groups. Over the course of the workshop, mixed student groups will co-create solutions for each community.