Professional Development for Educators

We’ve learned a lot from the workshops we’ve done and the experience we have as designers and makers - let us share what we know, repackaged for your classroom.

We don’t just talk about what we do; our hands-on, fast-paced workshops are designed in the spirit of our student workshops. We cover topics ranging from curriculum development, the design framework, facilitation strategies, encouraging innovation and divergent thinking, framing your design and fabrication projects, putting yourself in the designer’s frame of mind, and more. Give your soft-spoken a voice, your full gambit of learning styles the opportunity to shine, and gain a new perspective on what a “21st Century Education” looks like.        

Number of Participants: 10-50

On Site Hours:  1 - 25 hours in 1 - 3 days

Service Area: US + Canada

Intended for: Educators and administrators

Tangible outcomes:

Varies per workshop


Price range: $200 - $2,250 per participant