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Are you interested in the design process as an approach to creative problem solving? Awesome! KIDmob is available for consulting, co-creation of curriculum, and the facilitation of dynamic workshops. Each collaboration is unique, as it is shaped by the local community, project, resources, and logistics involved. Get in touch with us to find out if KIDmob would be a good fit for your organization or school:


Interested in joining the Mob?

KIDmob relies on the love, sweat, and creativity of our fantastic Facilitator teams. If you dig design, middle schoolers, working closely with local communities to conduct creative problem solving workshops, and adventurous road trips, (among many other things!) this might be an experience for you. Although we are not offering any paid positions at the moment, we are able to cover workshop-related logistics (food, lodging, and transport), as well as to offer internship hours for your time. Interested candidates can get in touch at